Master Joint Development Agreement

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(b) who do not have shares or securities outstanding, as may be the case in the case of a partnership, joint venture or association without its own legal personality, but more than fifty per cent (50%) whose ownership shares, which constitute the right to make the decisions of such a partnership, joint venture, grouping or other entity, now or under the control of a contracting party, which constitutes the right to make the decisions of such a partnership, joint venture, grouping or other entity, are considered a subsidiary only at that time. whether there is such a property or control. CONSIDERING that iBio and CC-Pharming wish to establish a long-term working relationship for various joint research and development projects (“projects”) related to the development of different products, describing the work of each project in a separate working statement (CS) agreed by the parties; 9.13 (a) Each Contracting Party agrees, subject to Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 of this Agreement, that this Agreement does not limit the right of a contracting party to enter into agreements with third parties for the same or similar purposes, or that it is or is possible to sell, sell, purchase, market or otherwise transfer products or services. in any market, whether it is products or services and competing activities in connection with this activity. 4.2 Jazz or RFMD employees who are carrying out work under this agreement, or a SOW who develop the foreground, either exclusively or in conjunction with others, must immediately provide their employer with a full written disclosure of the patent review of this priority, specifically mentioning the characteristics or concepts considered to be new or different. Each party undertakes to provide the other party, upon request, copies that are identified as confidential Jazz information or confidential information about the RFMD, of all written information that relates exclusively to the foreground and whose submissions are subject to the provisions of Section 3 of this agreement. 1.15 “person”: any physical, capital, partnership, joint venture, trust company, business association, state entity or other entity. 2.1 During the duration of the agreement, the parties will cooperate in a mutually beneficial and cooperative manner to develop advanced semiconductor products, develop new and improved semiconductor and CN manufacturing processes, and create mutually beneficial technology solutions.

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