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The English version of this agreement regulates and controls all translations. All claims or disputes related to this license are subject to exclusive jurisdiction in the State or Federal Court of Ramsey County, Minnesota, United States of America, and the parties agree that this personal jurisdiction and the jurisdiction are appropriate. This licensing agreement represents the entire agreement and replaces all previous discussions and agreements on the subject. If a provision is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the licence agreement will remain fully in effect. Associated General Contractors of Minnesota (AGC-MN) is the creator of AGC-MN (“Content”) form contracts and holds all rights to the content. By using content or purchasing a content license, you agree to use content only as this license allows. A member`s license automatically expires if you are no longer a member who recognizes AGC-MN well. A non-member licence can be acquired for a fixed term and automatically expires at the end of that period. Typically, a license expires each year at the end of February. After expiry, you can keep copies of the agreements executed and not use them prospectively.

Standard license. With the standard license, you can use in-house content for your business for the duration of the license to enter into construction contracts. You cannot sell or distribute the content. A standard license is limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-licensed and non-transferable. They accept that content is protected by government, federal and international copyright and trademark laws and that any use that has not been expressly authorized by that license constitutes a violation of AGC-MN`s property rights. There is nothing in this agreement to waive AGC-MN rights under the law, including the right to omission or legal damages or legal fees. You will find a full description of the requirements at the following address: Minnesota AGC form contracts were designed to be fair, reliable, easy to work with, and understandable. They have been audited by the Minnesota AGC Contracts Committee, which is made up of contractors who are premium, sub and both, large and small, Metro and Out-State, and buildings and highways, and member firms.

The contracts were then reviewed by a larger and varied pool and by a group of site managers.

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